Zara is a smart and strong-willed girl with a tendency to help others. She has an interest in Amnesty International, and often takes note of various phobias which she discovers around her. At the beginning of the story, she moves to Maine to live with her grandmother while recovering from the loss of her stepfather. She states that before coming to Maine, she wouldn't really have cared if she had died. Soon afterward, she meets several new friends, and learns of a struggle against violent pixies within her town. Zara is most notable for her various quirks, such as being part pixie, wearing vintage band concert t-shirt the vast majority of the time, her short stature and running ability.


Zara is known for for her sarcastic quips, and her support to Amnesty Interational. She lists phobias when scared or nervous, as a technique of calming herself down. She loves warm weather, most likely due to the fact that she grew up Charleston, South Carolina. Her peers consider Zara to be a "hippie" due to her pacifist beliefs and the way she dresses: a faded, vintige U2 t-shirt, and peace signs sewn onto her jeans. She loves to run, and from what she's been going through in Bedford, it's a good thing. Girls named Megan all seem to hate her, and her favorite animals are wolves.


Nick and Zara: Zara and Nick on Zara's first day of school, when she slipped on the ice and he caught her. They kissed for the first time after Zara discovers that Nick is in fact a werewolf. They become a couple somehwere in Need, and are dating up until Captivate, where he is taken to Valhalla by a Valkyrie.

Ian and Zara: Ian and Zara met when Ian showed Zara around the school on her first day. He helped adjust and even became her friend. They never dated. Their friendship ended when Ian and Megan kidnapped her in a storage space, revealed himself to be a pixie, and attemped to kiss her.

Issie and Zara: Issie and Zara met in class on their first day. They eventually became best friends. And in Need were the only humans (unless you count Zara's mother) to fight off the pixies. They are best friends as of now in the book series.

Devyn and Zara: Devyn and Zara met in P.E. on Zara's first day. Zara was surprised by the fact that Devyn was in a wheelchair and an eagle and soon became close friends.

Astley and Zara: Astley and Zara met in the forest, where he finds himself tied up against a tree but Zara comes in right when the Valkyrie was about to take him to Valhalla. It turns out to be that he is a pixie king, he is the pixie that turns Zara. In Endure, Zara realises that she is in love with Astley, and they get together.